MG Entertainment Agency

MG Entertainment Agency

MG Entertainment Agency is proud to be in contact with most international artist and international productions as Concert, Festival, TV and Film......For more than 35 years of experience continue to support profesional service around the world.

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Maestro Enzo Di Terlizzi & Pino Marelli - Enzo was Band Leader on cruises ship Carla C on '70 and Pino was performing as drummer and vocal soloist in Enzo's Band....Enzo was famous for his voice and the Papetti voice at the sax alto. Album Si Si SI La La La was sold for many years on board of CARLA C and now is remix on CD of 'Ricordando il Carla C"

Deana Martin & Pino Marelli at TAMPA 'Festa Italiana"  Annual Italian American Festival in Florida
Gigi Chiappin Orchestra -Walter Losi - Pino Marelli

From left: Walter Losi, Gigi Chiappin,Vito Marelli, Carl Godell, Pino Marelli & Beatrice....Tour USA 2009


Frank Stallone, brother of the famous actor Silvester Stallone, Interview for Italy Con Noi at Tampa-FL
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